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Leveraging Microsoft Excel to do More…

Many of my colleagues and clients tend to just *survive* with Microsoft Excel.

What I mean is, many know how to USE the software perfectly well at a fundamental level, but for various reasons avoid pushing a little further, really taking advantage of its features in ways that can really save time, allowing them to  move and benefit beyond conventional methods and approaches.

It’s that kind of thinking that has driven me to focus on teaching courses that do more with less topics.

Many courses try to cram 6 to 8 topics of learning in one day.

And while that’s great, it doesn’t really lend itself well to getting any kind of value in terms of what is covered by the instructor.

For the instructor, this is a bit of a lose-lose situation too.

No matter how much they personally know or feel covering more or less topics, many are driven to make sure they cover all of the relevant items on the outline, lest they get critiqued on the evaluation.

At Building Blocks, we have two such courses that really leverage real-world use of Excel and drive it to the next level, whether it be an all-around course on functions, pivot tables, and charts, or on automating Excel and getting it to do complex things for you faster:

But it doesn’t stop there.  We apply this thinking to ALL of the training we deliver, to wherever you may live in Canada, be it in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or in any other major Canadian city.

We would love to be able to show you what dozens of our satisfied clients are already benefiting from, training not only from dedicated, proficient, Microsoft Certified Professionals, but people who LOVE and CARE about what they do and the people they serve.

I don’t know about you, but I would give a LOT to be able to have more training experiences like that.