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LaCie’s Rikiki – 500 GBs of Super-Slim, Miniaturized Storage.

Late last year, I purchased a CTO (customized to order) Sony VAIO VGN-FW laptop, roughly comparable to the specs of the VGN-FW590.

As nice as my shiny new Windows 7  laptop is, I only have two complaints about it:

1. There is no Blu-Ray player (opted to hold off until prices dropped)

2. The storage space on the hard disk is only 320 GB.

So with various documents, applications, virtualized systems and other downloads slowly filling up the hard drive, I have been intending to pick up some sort of really HUGE hard drive, possibly for off-loading of data, maybe some limited virtualized state backup.

Plan A was to purchase Western Digital’s MyBook 3.0.  The new USB 3.0 interface would mesh nicely with the USB 3.0 SmartCard I am looking to pick up soon from Amazon.

However, when faced with the immediacy of purchasing LaCie’s new super-slim Rikiki portable hard drive from Future Shop this weekend, that plan soon evaporated.

With 500 GBs of USB 2.0 storage capacity for just under $100 at Future Shop, I had to take the plunge.

I will be setting it up sometime on Monday and will report back with my first impressions.  I have a feeling I am going to be carrying this thing around everywhere.